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Welcome to OT9 Design! We’re a team of dedicated professionals who strive to create beautiful, functional, and intentional spaces for your home. Our mission is to empower people with affordable and easy-to-follow guidelines so that you can turn your place into the perfect place of respite, healing, and family time. From small DIY projects to larger architectural efforts, whatever project you’re tackling, we may have just the advice you need!

At OT9 Design, our team consists of experienced interior designers, craftsmen and wellness experts. We are passionate about making your home more beautiful while keeping it livable at the same time. Let us help make your dream living space come true!

Our team works hard to provide practical advice on décor ideas, ways to stay organized and declutter your home, tips for sustainable living, how to make the most out of natural light in your space, plus much more! We believe that when you take the time to invest in crafting an intentional lifestyle around the things you love most ––you don’t just create a home; you create a life. Let us help guide you on this journey!


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